Join East Anglian Air Ambulance on Saturday 5th October for the return of Neon Night Mission! To celebrate being one of the first air ambulances in the country to fly to unlit sites at night and our incredible crews who overcome challenges day and night, we have created Neon Night Mission, combining all of your favorite parts of a 5k! #NeonNightMission #NNM5k

Please note: the minimum age for participation is 16.

The event bases

Mission 1: Neon/Colour Foam Station. Cloud cover is low… Can the neon illuminations guide you through the foam tunnel?

Mission 2: Wind Tunnel. Are you strong enough to run through the helicopter downdraft? Enter into the wind tunnel where you will fight against the draft to cross the ‘H’ landing pad. Noise and flashing lights will be added to give an emergency experience.

Mission 3: Paint Station. Time to get glowing! Turn yourself 100% EAAA with your very own unique paint job. An inviting tunnel that will glow with lights. As you walk through the tunnel it will be raining yellow and red dry powder paint.

Mission 4: Neon Night party station! Can you find your way in the dark using your enhanced night vision? You will enter a tunnel of bright green swirling lights, walk across a carpet of neon signs and dance your way through the station!

Mission 5: The secret one! Its going to be a bumpy landing…

5th October 2019
5th October 2019
Earlham Park, Norwich