Join us on 11 May for our unique take on a classic fun run.

Find a buddy and get ready to run, walk or skip 5k, tethered together through Regent’s Park. Together we’ll run and fundraise to smash the barriers around sight loss.

When you’re blind or partially sighted, safely going out for a run can be a real challenge. Most people overcome this barrier by running tethered at the wrist to a guide runner. It’s a simple and safe way to be able to get out and enjoy the highs that come from running. This is the inspiration behind Double Dash. We want to give everyone a chance to experience a race like no other; running 5k tethered to a friend. So, whether you see 5k as a walk in the park with the family or a fitness challenge with your friends, Double Dash is for everyone.

If you need any persuasion, think about this: every day 250 people in the UK start to lose their sight. Today, there are two million people in the UK living with sight loss. We’ve done a lot to break down barriers over the last 150 years, but when it comes to blind or partially sighted people getting a job or doing all the other stuff that most of us take for granted, there’s still a huge amount to do.

11th May 2019
11th May 2019
Regent's Park, London
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