The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime – we spend more time with our colleagues than our friends and family! Yet despite building comfortable working relationships over a brew and the odd digestive biscuit, we don’t really get to see one another without the suits and boots, hierarchies and work place personas.

Even just the thought of team building activities and corporate away days can leave employees numb with embarrassment. Completing a team challenge together provides the perfect opportunity to put interpersonal skills to the test without toe-curling ‘trust’ exercises. There’s no need to awkwardly attempt to emulate real life situations through cringe worthy role plays when you’re facing the challenge of a lifetime together.

Team challenges not only work wonders for employee health and fitness, but they also give your staff the chance to raise money for some really important charities as well as exposing your business to fantastic PR opportunities.

These days everyone has their own bucket list brimming with personal aspirations and life goals, so recognising your employee’s ambitions is undoubtedly the best way to create long lasting job satisfaction. Stronger teams and great support networks for your employees are just some of the positive side effects of sharing a new experience together. Having common goals and overcoming adversities is what really makes team members improve communication, empathy and cements self-belief and self-worth. Happy employees are also up to 20% more productive than unhappy ones!

If you want a fit, motivated and connected team then forget the sit-stand desks and repellent away days, get your team up out of their spinny chairs and cycling from London to Paris or maybe Amsterdam. Fancy something bespoke? No problem. Take the Ops team climbing Kilimanjaro or get Sales canoeing on an outdoor adventure in the Lake District. Watch your team flourish in a brand new environment where they learn how to problem solve, knowledge share, be leaders, and depend on one another.

If that’s not enough to convince you of the benefits to your business, then what about the fact that 92.1% of millennials want to work for environmentally and socially responsible organisations? A strong corporate responsibility programme has never been more crucial to a company’s ethos and strategy. Don’t halfheartedly tick the CSR box, make it part of your business plan. Inspire your current workforce and potential new recruits by giving them the opportunity to challenge themselves, see the world and be philanthropic.

At Skyline we have the passion and the knowledge to ensure your challenge is unforgettable. Just choose a level of difficulty and your budget and we’ll do the rest. What are you waiting for?

Find an event or create something bespoke to engage your employees.

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