Employee engagement is not only the right thing to do by your staff – it’s the right thing to do by your business. Our events have real and measurable benefits for your company.

Inspiring workplace change

If you work in HR, you’ll know how much of a challenge it can be to keep employees enthusiastic, attentive, and on your payroll. Take absenteeism – it’s a real problem in the modern workplace, and giving your employees a real investment in the company can transform the attitudes that give rise to this. Feel like you’re spending too much on recruitment and training? Our events are great for staff retention, and unlocking a positive workplace atmosphere.

Breaking down barriers

Setting aside just one day in the year to bring your employees together in pursuit of a greater task helps create a more cohesive workplace based on goodwill. The single most common takeaway from our events is just how much of a leveller they are – imagine the whole team, from top to bottom, pulling in the same direction. This dynamic might begin at one of our events, but it lasts for years in the office.

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